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Issue 47: Uncertain times and sociological knowledge Wed 22 Dec 2021 0

Sociology matters

After the inspiring ESA on-line conference in 2021, we find ourselves in an ‘alternative future,’ given the continued restrictions and limitations on ‘in person’ conferences and events. The new line-up of the Postgraduate Committee (PGC) will continue with the established ESA programme of activities for postgraduate members: Young Scholar Award, pre-bi-annual-conference PhD workshop, and PhD summer school. The latter is highlighted as the key project for 2022. Following our inspiring and fruitful brainstorming hybrid/on-line sessions, the enthusiastic members of the PGC have agreed the title of summer school as: - 'Sociology Matters: Theory, Methods and Practices'.

The strong title speaks for itself: in the social world faced with severe challenges, sociology is crucially important as the guiding light which might indicate a way through and out of multiple crises. At the summer school, we will discuss the role of theory, pertinent methodologies and methods, and practices of conducting research. We will also reflect upon the practical impact or application of sociology on our wider social environments and wider publics.

The event will take place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on September 5-6, 2022. The call is now open until February, 28th, 2022. Participants can attend in person or online.

Moreover, fellow members of ESA, and postgraduate students in particular, are kindly invited to express suggestions of activities that might take place in the ‘alternative future’ we have been shaping together.