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International Relations Committee

Issue 47: Uncertain times and sociological knowledge Wed 22 Dec 2021 0

ESA and beyond

The International Relations Committee has identified different areas in which will be working in the next two years. ESA can play a much more vigorous and active role in the international arena, it is our goal to strengthen all the work done in previous executives to pursue this purpose. The current executive is committed to reinforce the collaboration with other sociological international associations all around the world, seeking for new ways to collaborate and to create new opportunities for ESA members on them. The idea is not to limit our connections to those colleagues working in our field but open it up to other disciplines and areas with whom we are sharing research and theoretical interests from climate change or health threats to mention some. Through the ESA active participation in the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities, this committee is also devoted to promoting a greater visibility to sociology and participation of sociologists to the European Research Programs.

An important part of this Committee is composed by the working group dedicated to the National Associations Council. National Associations are key actors within ESA with a lot of potential to make sociology present in different contexts. For this tenure, it will be important to organize a NA conference within 2022. In the meanwhile, an online meeting of the Council of NA will be organised in January, where the organisation of the next Conference will be discussed together with initiatives to support the cultural and scientific impact of sociology within the different countries. 

An issue that will be of great importance is to tackle the drastic reduction of sociology in secondary education programs around Europe. The issue was raised during the last assembly of the NA, by the Greek and the Irish representatives; it appeared to be of general interest and concern. ESA, in close collaboration with the National Associations, is committed to support all the initiatives launched to defend the presence of sociology in these programs and in society in general. In particular, we shall support and circulate a call for contributions for a Conference organised about this issue by the Irish Sociological Association, to be held on February the 23rd, 2022.