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Publish or publish (wisely) Pierre Nocerino
‘Errors of measurement’ or ‘Impact factors are just a gimmick’: An Interview with Howard S. Becker Howard S. Becker
Metrics and Socialization of Early-stage Researchers Kateřina Cidlinská
Metrics, Marketisation and the End of Collegiality John Holmwood
Social impact assessment: The democratic citizens’ right to science Marta Soler-Gallart

Publish or publish (wisely)

Issue 41: Metrics Wed 18 Apr 2018

Pierre Nocerino, PhD student, France

In “Publish or publish (wisely)”, a young researcher lives the academic adventure – on his quest, Emile Durkheim and Howard S. Becker offer support.

Pierre Nocerino: In “Publish or publish (wisely)” 1
Pierre Nocerino: In “Publish or publish (wisely)” 2
Pierre Nocerino: In “Publish or publish (wisely)” 3