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ESA Office Communiqué – Andreia Batista Dias

Issue 41: Metrics Wed 18 Apr 2018

Andreia Batista Dias, ESA Executive Administrator

In January 2017 I applied for a position at the European Sociological Association, just a few steps away from the classrooms where I was studying at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS-Paris). I had just graduated with a master’s degree in sociology and I was looking for new experiences before deciding on my academic career. To be able to work in an international environment, and especially with peers, were my main motivators for taking up the post as secretary at the end of March 2017.

I became the new face behind the emails to our thousands of members, managing their membership and supporting the 37 Research Networks. It was quite a challenge to begin this employment while the organisation of the 13th Conference was already taking its course. My tasks were mainly administrative: the database management, emailing and looking for answers to the thousand (and one) questions being posed in and by this huge organisation. On a daily basis I was communicating with persons unknown to me, from the ESA members to the Executive Committee, but after a while you might imagine you have already met them. Of course, all of this is and has been team work and cooperation. I integrated ESA during Gisèle’s – the previous Executive Administrator – maternity leave, and I had to create new routines in only a mid-week job while she had been working full-time. With Dagmar and the summer interns we worked hard during these months thinking about the Grail – the conference party! The shift from a professional conference organiser working onsite to a fresh new team working from Paris was a challenge!

After the conference, I had a second contract for the post-conference and budget management, until January 2018 when I was successful in my application for the full-time position of Executive Administrator, starting from April 2018. I am already working together with this term’s Executive Committee – especially towards the next PhD Summer School in Paris. Now challenges become goals. More than before I will also be working with the Research Networks, providing support for their mid-term conference applications. And next year, in 2019, I will meet you once again, dear members, at the important sociological event reuniting all of us together in the city of Manchester.
For those who might wonder who I am, just send me an email at esa [at]!