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Marion Fanjat, Coordinator, FMSH International Department

The Foundation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), founded in Paris in 1963 by Fernand Braudel and currently chaired by Michel Wieviorka, is a national and international hub that contributes to the development, influence and attractiveness of the social sciences and humanities. The internationalisation of research is a fundamental policy objective of the FMSH. The FMSH’s strategy relies on a wide-reaching network: foundations, foreign academies and partners of regional and continental scope. These bilateral and multilate ral partnerships make it possible to assemble international and pluridisciplinary research teams who cooperate on joint projects. At the same time, the Foundation pursues a policy of individual mobility, both incoming and outgoing, open to post-docs as well as senior researchers from all countries. Special attention is paid to intellectual communities that are subject to difficult social and political conditions.


The Atlas programme
The Atlas programme finances mobility at the postdoctoral level for stays of 1 to 6 months. It is run jointly with some twenty French and international partners. The programme is divided in two parts, incoming and outgoing, and involves more than 60 countries.

Target public: French and foreign postdoctoral researchers
Frequency: 20 calls for applications per year
Contact: atlas [at]

Associate Research Directors (DEA) programme
Fernand Braudel established the DEA programme in 1975 to enable non-French researchers from all over the world to come work in France for periods of 4 to 6 weeks.
Target public: non-French professors or senior researchers
Frequency: 3 calls for applications per year
Contact: candidatures.dea [at]

Invitation of foreign speakers
The FMSH supports the organisation of academic events on innovative topics in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in France by covering the travel costs of foreign speakers.
Target public: organisers of scientific events in France
Frequency: 2 calls for applications per year, in spring and autumn
Contact: manifscientifiques [at]


Trilateral Villa Vigoni workshops

The workshops organised by the FMSH, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Villa Vigoni are designed to promote collaboration among French, German and Italian researchers and to encourage the use of the three languages.
Each trilateral workshop consists of a series of three scientific meetings, held one per year at the Villa Vigoni, on the banks of Lake Como.
Target public: French, German and Italian researchers
Frequency: 1 call for projects per year, published in January
Contact: vigoni [at]

France-Latin America-Caribbean regional programme (Prefalc)
The Prefalc programme supports inter-university cooperation projects between French, Latin American and Caribbean institutions of higher education. It finances two-year mobility projects for teams of teacher-researchers on teaching assignments at the master’s level. Disciplines other than SSH are eligible for the programme.
Target public: a French university must be the lead institution of the project
Frequency: 1 call for projects per year, published in spring
Contact: prefalc [at]

Franco-Russian projects
For the last ten years, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the FMSH have been supporting research projects developed by teams of French and Russian researchers in the social sciences and humanities.
Target public: French and Russian researchers
Frequency: 1 call for projects per year, published in spring
Contact: international [at]

FMSH International Department is …

320 visiting researchers per year

5 Scientific prizes

25 calls for application per year

51 partners

40 collaborative projects funded

8 employees

1 Guest House in Paris – Maison Suger

The Foundation Maison des sciences de l'homme has just launched the FMSH International Network on Facebook. This group is intended to serve as a network for all former, current and future scholars involved in the FMSH activities. Indeed, through various mobility and cooperation programmes, the Foundation Maison des sciences de l'homme supports annually more than 350 international scholars in the social sciences and humanities. The FMSH International Network group is designed to share experiences, ask questions, solicit others' help, initiate projects, and first and foremost to connect researchers.