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Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize
ECPR is looking for nominations for the 2022 Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize, presented biennially for a major contribution to the advancement of political sociology in Europe. Do you know of a scholar or a coherent team of researchers of high reputation, with outstanding scientific publications and professional achievements? Visit our nomination procedure page to find out how to nominate, or contact us at if you have any questions. 
President’s Message:
Sociological knowledge to overcoming the challenges of uncertain times

Europe and the world are going through rapid changes. The pandemic intensified social inequalities requiring scientists to analyse the reality, provide reliable data, and imagine new solutions for our problems. Therefore, it is essential to say that we, sociologists, are ready to study, understand, and imagine alternative ways to overcome the challenges of these tense and uncertain times. We are armed with theories, methodological tools, and outcomes of critical thinking on sociological practices, which are vital to responding to Europe's social problems.
Conference Committee
16th ESA Conference Preparation
Mediating Covid - Covid-19 as a Global Risk and Global Chance
2021, issue 46, Svetlana Hristova: For over three decades, our turbulent times became life as usual. All of a sudden it turned virulent, and human existence changed overnight. The fluid, ‘liquid’ modernity, to use Bauman’s metaphor [1], is now immobilized. Not only did the reasons to travel lose their importance in the face of threats to life, but the core of our culture – the idea of how to live together – is dramatically questioned today.
Dear ESA
2021, issue 46, Blanka Nyklová & Petr Gibas: Dear ESA, We were thrilled to read the call for papers asking for reflections on what the Covid-19 pandemic means for sociology and global society. We – two sociologists-parents to a two-year old – decided immediately we need to write a piece.