Magda Nico

Assistant Professor
Department of Social Research Methods, School of Sociology and Social Policy, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia, Lisboa, Portugal
RN30 Co-coordinator 2019-2021
Doing Sociology – Funding, Teaching & Opportunities

Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Times? The Terrible Opportunity for Sociological Inquietude

2020, issue 45, Magda Nico: Ordinary lives, extraordinary times. Margaret Atwood explained in a TV interview the matrix in which she situates the stirring and thought-provoking dystopias she has shared with us. There are ordinary and extraordinary people, and there are ordinary and extraordinary times, she says. She writes about ordinary people in extraordinary times. The resemblance of this match between ordinary people (biographies) and extraordinary times (societies) with the current pandemic is overpowering.

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