Katrin Tiidenberg

Associate Professor of Social Media and Visual Culture
Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University, Estonia
ESA PhD Summer School teacher 2017-2018
Doing Sociology – Funding, Teaching & Opportunities

In Simple Words About Your Complicated Research, or How to Present Yourself and Your Research to the Public(s)

2019, issue 43, Katrin Tiidenberg: Calls for public facing scholarship (partially overlapping with the categories of ‘networked participatory scholarship’ or ‘open scholarship’) are increasingly common. On the one hand, it makes sense – after all, who do we do research for if not the publics? Funding institutions – presumably relying on this very logic – have made popular engagement and broad dissemination a mandatory part of the research process. On the other hand, not everyone wants to, or is capable of inhabiting the limelight.

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