Gili S. Drori

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
President of the Israeli Sociological Society (ISS) 2018-2020
Discussion – Key Debates, Viewpoints & Interviews

Israeli Sociology: Current State

2019, issue 43, Gili S. Drori and Yagil Levy: How can science and academia maintain their professional standards and ethics in the era of post-truth and populist politics? How can sociology sustain its commitment to public social affairs in such circumstances? Additionally, how can such dilemmas be resolved in the highly fractured and intensively strained society in Israel?

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From ESA – Strategies & Activities

NA Reports – Israeli Sociological Society (ISS)

2019, issue 43, Gili S. Drori, Yagil Levy and Noa Zarka: Since its founding in 1967, the Israeli Sociological Society (ISS) has operated as the professional association of sociologists in Israel.

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