Donatella della Porta

Dean of the Department of Political and Social Sciences and Director of the Centre on Social Movement Studies (COSMOS)
Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy
Discussion – Key Debates, Viewpoints & Interviews

1968 in 2018: The Resonance of a Rebellious Year

2018, issue 42, Donatella della Porta: At each of the anniversaries of 1968, the memory of that year has been influenced by the specific current historical context, with the emphasis on violence in 1978, the impact of a pragmatic decade in 1988, the dominance of an aggressive neoliberalism in 1998, and of its crisis in 2008 with the emergence of new student protests. However, never as much as in 2018, has there been a perception that, notwithstanding the many differences, there is a strong resonance with 1968.

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