Dagmar Danko

Editor of the European Sociologist
European Sociological Association, Paris
Discussion – Key Debates, Viewpoints & Interviews

‘Errors of measurement’ or ‘Impact factors are just a gimmick’: An Interview with Howard S. Becker

2018, issue 41, Dagmar Danko and Howard S. Becker: The US-American sociologist Howard S. Becker is the author of foundational studies such as Outsiders (1963) and Art Worlds (1982). He has also published best practice guides concerned with doing sociology, such as Writing for Social Scientists (1986) and Tricks of the Trade (1998). Since the turn of the millennium he has become more and more interested in questions raised by the sociology of science.

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From ESA – Strategies & Activities

ESA Office Communiqué – Dagmar Danko

2018, issue 41, Dagmar Danko: In October 2016, I took up the position of Executive Coordinator at the European Sociological Association. For me, a true European, joining an international organisation acting for and operated by academics from some 50+ countries might have seemed unsurprising, but there is hardly anything coincidental about me working for the ESA.

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