Anna-Mari Almila

Research Fellow in Sociology of Fashion in London College of Fashion
University of the Arts London, UK
RN07 Coordinator 2019-2021
Discussion – Key Debates, Viewpoints & Interviews

Working – Fashion in the Time of Corona: What Can the Sociology of Fashion Reveal?

2020, issue 45, Anna-Mari Almila: Covid-19 and fashion seem to go hand in hand – or rather, glove-in-glove – in these precarious times. The Covid-19 global situation has many sartorial fashion elements, some more obvious and reported, others more hidden and under-reported. These elements encompass both macro- and micro-levels of social life, haute couture and mass market clothing, production and consumption, raw materials and distribution networks, rich and poor people, short-term and long-term trends and consequences, and winners and losers.

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