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Finance Committee

Issue 47: Uncertain times and sociological knowledge Wed 22 Dec 2021 0

The newly appointed Finance Committee is building on the vast work done by the Finance Committee in the previous term and is already at work to finalise the conference budget according to the Conference prototype budget developed. It is also preparing for the annual balance 2021 and the purse of a further Public Budget, while maintaining the high degree of transparency achieved.

At the October 2021 Paris meeting the entire ESA Executive discussed the solidity of the current finance standing of the association and started deliberating on the priorities for future spending, approving the transfer of the previous term RN-support funds to the new term for those RNs who could not undertake their mid-term activities due to the pandemic circumstances. Further, a new round of RN support funding additional to the RN fees was deliberated by the Executive.

The Finance Committee met with the Office in Paris and subsequently online to organise the work, while the Treasurer, the General Secretary and the Executive Secretary are in close contact with the President on a regular basis to maintain a high degree of transparency and a smooth flow of information.

Despite the ever-lowest conference fees and the pandemic circumstances, the ESA 15th Barcelona conference has incurred in no losses, and the ESA has achieved its ever-highest number of associated members, securing a solid term for the association. ESA finances, as they stand, could allow its members to decide on a postponement of the next conference and prolongation of term to realign with ISA conferences without endangering the association, should no new unpredicted expense be budgeted and funds be administered wisely.