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Dear ESA

Issue 46: Pandemic (Im)Possibilities vol. 2 Mon 14 Jun 2021 0

Blanka Nyklová and Petr Gibas, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Dear ESA,

We were thrilled to read the call for papers asking for reflections on what the Covid-19 pandemic means for sociology and global society. We – two sociologists-parents to a two-year old – decided immediately we need to write a piece. A piece on how our own sociological research institution largely fails to provide much-needed support, and instead stresses deadlines and timely outputs, while at the same time encouraging everyone to take part in last-minute project applications on the pandemic without the needed project service. A piece on how we struggle to juggle anything resembling research and care in a time when most playgrounds are closed and dearly loved grandparents are off limits for nobody knows how long. A piece, perhaps, on what the pandemic does to our two-year old when the current biopolitics makes it feel normal for him to wear his face mask. A piece on how the current crisis mirrors the transition our country and region underwent thirty years ago when emerging social inequalities were denied attention until the core, i.e. economic, issues were solved. A piece on the widespread alcohol abuse made apparent as pubs and bars are closed. A piece on gender-based violence made even more invisible in the sealed homes. Definitely an engaging piece written in flawless English.

Alas, we´re writing to inform you that we shall write no such piece. We´re drained, exhausted by the omnipresent uncertainty underscored by the business as usual approach of our institution and some of our colleagues. Moreover, there is no time. Literally – the infamous acceleration of academic time has reached a level beyond compare as last-minute calls are issued all over the place and we just watch one deadline pass after another, including the one for this call. Some other time maybe.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Blanka Nyklová and Petr Gibas, home office of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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