Call for an Extraordinary General Assembly to be conducted on the 7th of April, 2022, at 13:30 Central European Time 

The ESA President convenes an Extraordinary General Assembly to be conducted on the 7th of April, 2022, at 13:30 Central European Time, following the online consultation of members approving the resolutions envisaged by the ESA Executive Committee, the consultation with the ESA Research Networks and legal advice. The participation of members in good standing in this General Assembly, to finalise Statutes, By-laws changes and conference decisions, is vital. Please read the call here. Your participation is vital!


The International Sociological Association changed the date of its Congress from 2022 to 2023, because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. This date coincides with the ESA Conference. Two major conferences in a single year (ISA and ESA) will subject members to scheduling conflicts as well as undue financial strain.  For this reason, the Executive Committee decided to consult the ESA Members on the postponement of the 16th Conference until 2024 due to exceptional reasons. 

The members responded very positively to the call. 1285 out of 3122 members (41,2%) voted in the consultation. 1029 respondents agree with the postponement (80,1%), 196 respondents do not agree (15,3%) with the postponement and 59 respondents abstained (4,6%). The participation in the online consultation was very expressive and the results indicate that this matter is very important for the ESA members that's why the President call for an Extraordinary General Assembly to vote formally on the described proposals.