Aims & Scope

The EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGIST (ISSN 2415-6426) is a journal of the European Sociological Association. It has been published in different formats since 1994 and as open access e-journal on its own website since 2018. It is the association’s central source of information and of communication with the sociological community. It is published two times a year and features three recurring sections:

  • FROM ESA – articles reporting about the ESA’s activities
  • DOING SOCIOLOGY – tips and tricks for doing sociology
  • DISCUSSION – contributions discussing a specific topic in each issue

ESA members can comment on articles by logging in to the website. Your identifiers are the same as for logging in to the main ESA website. All comments are made under your real identity (ESA username) and are visible to the public so please be respectful.

All comments and articles express the opinions of the authors and not those of the European Sociologist.

Dagmar Danko, European Sociological Association, Paris/France
editor [at]

Editorial Board
The ESA Executive’s Communication Committee:
Milica Antic Gaber, University of Ljubljana/Slovenia (Chair)
Teresa Consoli, University of Catania/Italy
Lena Näre, University of Helsinki/Finland (also Chair of the Publications Committee)
and Sue Scott, University of York/UK (ESA President)

Previous editors were Shalva Weil, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2007-2011) and Peter Holley, University of Helsinki (2012-2017). Thank you to everyone involved in the creation and making of the EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGIST since 1994.